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Hans getting whipped?

In the book thief there are lots of different kinds of conflict involving the main character Leisel, but this conflict involves her foster-father Hans.

Hans and Leisel are watching the Jews stumble by. When Hans decides to give an old man who was Jewish a piece of bread but he wasn’t supposed to do that. The soldier whips the old man and then he whips Hans. Everyone calls Hans a Jew lover and knocks down his cart full of paint. Hans says What have i done because he is hiding a Jew so people will probably be suspicious.

When Hans gave the bread to The Jew and got wiped that was an external conflict, because it would be considered man vs. society because everybody is mean to Jews and he is supposed to be too but he is nice to them.

When Hans says what have I done, that is internal conflict because he is upset with him self for being nice to that person and he is mad because he is hiding a Jew named Max in his basement so now people are going to be suspicious and will probably look in his house for a Jew.

There are consequences from this conflict. Max is leaving before someone search’s Hans house and finds Max because if they find Max everybody in that house would be in trouble. Every conflict has a consequence.

I think that is an important conflict because it changed everything. I think conflicts change everything from what it is supposed to be.


The Book Thief

Liesel Meminger is a 10 year old girl, she lives in Germany with her foster parents, Hans and Rosa Hubermann. Liesel and her brother were both supposed to live with Hans and Rosa, but on the way there Liesel’s brother died. So they buried her brother,  then there was a book in the snow so Liesel picked up and took it. When she got to the foster home she didn’t want to get out of the car,  I think it Hans got her to get out. Rosa wanted her to take a bath but she didn’t want to I say she was being stubborn, eventually she took a bath 2 weeks later. Liesel couldn’t read so she had to go to a lower grade, Liesel isn’t very smart. Rudy Steiner was about 10 and lived in Germany, with his father and mother. Rudy had blue eyes and blond hair, he wants to be Jesse owns and he dressed up like Jesse Owens and put stuff on to make him black, then his dad got mad. Rudy’s dads name is Alex Steiner. Alex is described to be wooden, he is in the Nazi party because it is good for his business, and he does it to provide for his family, he doesn’t hate Jews but he does it for those two reasons. There is other characters like Rosa, Hans and others.There is not a lot of characters in the book so far, but there is some my favorite characters are Liesel Meminger, and Rudy Steiner.