The book is based on a true story and people say that it was like a reenactment of the holocaust. The people who took part of the experiment pretended it didn’t happen until Oprah found the teacher who planned the experiment and brought him on to her show, not to long after that there was a book made telling the story of what happened at that school. The teacher was a history teacher at Cubberley High School in Palo Alto. The author of the book is Todd Strasser.

In the begging of the book there is a teacher named Ben Ross he doesn’t really know haw to do a lot of handy man work, and he is a history teacher at Cubberley High School in Palo Alto.  In his class he did a lesson on the holocaust, in his lesson he put on a video about the holocaust but he had to ask David to set up the projector because Ben doesn’t know how to set it up ,  his students were really disturbed  by the video and kept asking a lot of questions about, why the Germans just let it happen but Ben couldn’t answer them. There was one student that slept through the video and his name is Robert Billings (he’s and out cast and gets picked on a lot) Laurie is one of  Ben’s students really bothered by this movie and doesn’t get why the Germans just sat there while the Nazis (which were a smaller group) killed a whole bunch of people. Ben got an idea to do an experiment with his class to show what the Germans felt like and why they just went along with it.

I predict the experiment will go as planned  but Ben will enjoy it so much that he will get over whelmed by the power he has over the students in his class and he will keep on doing it and it wouldn’t be an experiment it would be a every day routine .  I also think that Robert will still be the out cast and the other students will be the Germans and Ronald will be like the Jews, and he will be picked on even more than usual.

I think this book is interesting and my favorite part so far is when they watch the movie, that part is my favorite part because everyone is shocked and is asking a whole bunch of questions that people don’t really know the answers to, If I was one of those students I would have asked what would u have done if you were one of the Germans?  I didn’t really get why the author used the beginning when Laurie is at the news paper room, To me it didn’t make sense unless he was just trying to describe the school, but if wasn’t that I don’t think it makes sense. I was really surprised when people  were that shocked over that video even though that happened a while ago, and it won’t happen again. These chapters were okay but I think the book will pick up in the next chapters.