I was watching a T.V. show called The Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura , the episode I watched was about how the family that almost runs the world is planning to lower the population by 90 percent, so they are pretty much going to pick 7 million people to live and the rest to die. If it does happen then it will be a Holocaust all over again except worse. At first they wanted to lower the population by a little, but now it is by a whole bunch.

I think that If the people stand up then it won’t happen. The women on the show said They are scared that the people will use their voice because that is the only way we can stop this from happening. I think they can’t just do that it isn’t right no one should be able to do that. The women that was talking now lives in the hills somewhere because she is scared they will kill her becauseĀ  of the information she has.

If an average person didn’t have anything to be paranoid of well they do now.