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There has been lots of rain in Australia causing floods on the east and west side of Australia. People were asked to leave there homes and go to safety. Most people did go to safety but some refused. A women with her son were swept away, her other son was saved be a trucker. There has been massive damage and it is the biggest in recent history. Lots of people are effected by this flood. I think this a very tragic story because lots of people have lost there homes or have a lot of damage on there home.

source of information: globelvoicesonline.org


Shipwreck in Australlia

On December.15 2010 a boat carrying up to 100 Iranian, Iraqi and Kurdish asylum seekers crashed on sharp cliffs by Christmas Island in Australia. At least 30 people died. Dozens of locals witnessed the shipwreck and tried to help the drowning men, women ,and children as they struggled against the big waves.
I  think it was good that there was people there to help because if there wasn’t then more people could have died. I wonder how they didn’t see the rocks because you would think the would have tried to avoid the rocks in stead of going towards them.
I got my information from globalvoicesonline.org