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Rebecca Rutland, at the age of 41 from Thunder Bay, Ont was on a vacation in Playa del Carmen with her fiance Richard Coleman, age 51. After some drinks they stopped at a restaurant on the way back to the resort, when a guy tried to pick up Rebbecca and Richard stepped in and got into a argument. Four cops were walking by when they intervened. Richard and Rebbecca were taken to jail because they thought Richard was a drug dealer. they threw Richard to the ground and hand cuffed him. They also arrested Rebbeca.
when they got to the jail they were separated. Richard says he was placed in a cell with others and it reeked of urine. Rebbeca says she was taken to a room where they preformed a frontal body search,touching her breasts and undoing her jeans. She says that the officer made her kneel and forced her to have sex with him.
She says she didn’t put up much resistance because she feared for her life. In her own words she tells why she didn’t fight back. “I did try sort of push him away but I had four officers standing there in Kevlar with machine-guns and my feeling was if I tried to resist it was going to make things a whole lot worse for me,” says Rebbeca. “And I just wanted to get out as intact as possible, which is not really all that intact actually.”
she says that they beat her and also bit her in several places. she says she saw a night supervisor and thought that he was going to stop what was happening.
When Richard found what was happening her tried to comet suicide hoping the indecent would distract the officers so Rebbeca wouldn’t get hurt anymore.
But eventually they got let out and they went to the judicial police who investigate local police in Mexico and also the Canadian consular agency in Playa del Carmen.
I think this is very important because a vacation is supposed to be relaxing and fun but i don’t think that was relaxing or fun. Also I think you should be careful when you are out of your country because stuff like that can happen and they will happen if you don’t take precautions.


What would you rather be??

My question for you is what would you rather be a person with the ability to go invisible and live to be 200 years old and look like your 20 or would you rather be a person who has the ability to have money come out of your nose when you want it (there is no boogers) and live forever? My answer is I would choose the first one how about you? leave a comment with your answer. and why would you choose what you chose? 😀 🙂

Snow in the summer!?!?!?

 It has snowed on September 17 and it was still summer. Fall isn’t until September 21. It was a very cold day and ever since we have had rain and frost so bad you have to scrap your windshield on your car. This morning my dad had to poor hot water on the windshield so the frost would go away. In Snow Lake we had a month of hot weather and it was very hot then it started to rain a lot and  it got to -2 degrees celsius. Did it snow where you are?was it a lot of snow? how long did it snow??

Whats your favorite week day??

My favorite week day is saturday because you get to sleep in and stay up late. My least favorite day is monday because you have to go to bed early and wake up early for school. On mondays you have to get used to waking up early again because of school. On saturdays you can stay up late and sleep in you could travel and hang out with your freinds.
My Question for you is Whats your favorite and least favorite day
of the week???
Please leave a comment answering 🙂

I have something in common with cassadam we both like horse back riding which is kinda cool. Jasomcka and I don’t take lessons for instruments 🙂 Judymurr and I almost have the same wish we both want a billion dollars. Brad pewt has a hobbies and I don’t really have one đŸ˜„Â  AverBons has a different wish then me he wants four more wishes and I want a billion dollars so ya. KaviBais dose different things after school then what I usually do. Everyone has differences and similarities that’s what makes everyone them selfs. Is Wingham fun??

thats all bye bye 🙂


Hey, this is Heaven from JHK school in Snow Lake. I’m in Mr.Fishers grade 7/8  class. I’m new to the blogging stuff .welcome back  to school .what have you been doing in school so far?? In my class we started a mind map thing and is about math mine was really colourful and creative but some of my classmates were very creative and better than mine. We also did social studies and we already had a test about social studies we had to named the provinces and capital cites in Canada.

 How was your summer i had a good summer i went to Winnipeg for two weeks to visit my friend that moved there the week after school ended. I love horses so I went horse back riding a lot with my friends it was a lot of fun. In snow lake there is one person who owns horses she is a cop in snow lake she has three horses i rode them with her son and her sons friend it was a lot of fun.  I moved to Snow Lake about a year ago but I used to caome here alot to visit family . I got to go so bye bye