These last few chapters were pretty intense because so much happens in these last 5 chapter. In the begging of chapter 13 Laurie is about to go sit with Amy to watch the football game, and talk to her about David and show her what she’s going to write in the next paper, they watched the football game every Saturday, but that Saturday was different because Brad had stopped Laurie to get her to do the wave salute before she could go up into the stands, But Laurie refused to do the stupid wave salute, so Brad wouldn’t let her up, then frustrated Laurie walked away. So later on that day Laurie caught up to Amy and showed her what she was putting in the next paper. Amy’s response was you can’t publish this, it’s putting down the wave. And I think this whole thing with David is going to your head, Laurie was shocked on what Amy had said.

Laurie had published her article in the news paper, and some people were quitting the wave as for others including Robert Billings thought that she couldn’t write this and that something had to be done, So he told David to talk to her and tell stop writing stuff about the wave, because If she’ll listen to anyone it would be David.

That night Laurie and other news paper staff had a party in the publications, to celebrate the success of the paper. After the party Laurie was left to clean the room because everyone else left, and it was dark now. Laurie went to her locker to put her books away and she found the word enemy spray painted on her locker door, Laurie started to get scared, then all of a sudden she heard foot steps they were coming closer, so she ran to the exit doors but they were locked so she ran to the other door and the door flung open. And she was stilling running.

David and Brad were waiting for Laurie to come by so David could talk to her, David knows when its dark Laurie walks by the 24 hour tennis court because the lights makes her feel safe. David sees Laurie, so he gets out to talk to her. David tries to talk to talk to her but she’s walking away so he grabs her arm and tells her that she can’t write those things about the wave, but Laurie says yes I can and I will.  David is getting mad and frustrated so he grabs her other arm and through’s her to the ground. Laurie starts crying a little, then all at once David realizes what the wave is doing to him because he just hurt someone he still cares about, David falls to the ground and hugs Laurie and apologizes. Then Brad drives away.

On that same night Ben’s wife is telling Ben that the wave has to end the next day and that principle Owens wants to see him in the office first thing. Ben doesn’t want to end the wave but he has no choice so he tells her he will end it the next day. Ben was just about to go to bed when he hears a knock at his door, its Laurie and David. He invites them in and they tell Ben what had happened that night and that Ben had to stop the wave the next day, Ben told them that he was going to do that and told them not to tell anyone that they had been there that night, and that he had a plan.

The next day Ben went to the office and before principle Owens could say anything Ben said I’m going to end the wave, and then told Owens the plan. Owens said that Ben had told the end of the day. Laurie and David showed up to school acting like nothing had happened that night. When they were in Ben’s class, Ben had said that he had something special to say at a rally that night at 5 o’clock wave members only, he also said that the reason for this rally was because the wave wasn’t just in their class its national and that they would see their leader at th rally. David and Laurie stood up and said that he’s trying to trick you the wave isn’t good, Ban said sit down but they kept saying the wave was bad, and then Ben said go to the office so they did, and Owens said that everything is going to be okay but Laurie and David couldn’t believe what was happening.

It was 5 o’clock and Laurie and David managed to sneak into the rally. At the rally there was a screen and it was white and black and static for a long time, then someone from the crowd said there is no leader is there, so the body-guards led him out. Then on the screen Hitler showed up, and then Ben said that is your leader, you guys are no better than the people in Nazi Germany, you all let my control you and you guys were willing to give up your freedom to feel superior to non wave members, you guys abused and tried to convince people who weren’t in the wave to join. After that speech people left crying, Amy ran up to Laurie and hugged her and said sorry. Ben Ross did not get fired.

The author did a really good job on writing this book because he fit so  much information in 17 small chapters.  I think that he didn’t have that much detail through out the book but that made it good, because it lets you’re imagination go wild and it lets you create the people in your mind, which makes the book interesting.

I thought that Ben was going to get fired but he didn’t, which really surprises me because he caused so much trouble with his experiment, and so many people complained  about it but he still never got fired. I’m really fascinated on how Ben ended the wave, and it fascinates me because I don’t get how he came up with the idea I thought he would have done something like telling them that the wave has to stop and it had to stop now.

If I were Ben and people were telling me that I have to stop the wave, I would have so many thought s running through my head and I wouldn’t know where to begin on coming up with a plan to end the wave. Also If I were Ben I would have tried to not let it go to far, I know it’s harder than it seems but I still would have tried to not to let it get out of hand.

I think that the wave was really controlling people because it took David hurting someone he cared for him to realize that wave wasn’t as good as it was put out to be. I really disliked how David was mean to Laurie to see that the wave was controlling him, and I did like that David went to talk to Laurie, instead of someone else in the wave because something bad could have happened to Laurie and Laurie and David wouldn’t be together.

I predict this taught a good lesson and the people in Ben’s class will be careful on what they fallow and what they are told. I also predict that Laurie and David will get married when they are older. I also thing Amy will go out with Brian but I don’t think it will last to long. This was a great book to read, I think it turned out good after this experience and its kinda hard to believe that this really happened.