In these chapters 9-12 there was more conflict with characters and that made it a little more interesting to read. Ben started a little history experiment that turned into a fad or obsession. When Laurie got to the publications room there was a note on the floor that said that he was getting told to join the wave but he didn’t want to, and the seniors said that if he didn’t join all his friends would ditch him. When Laurie read that she started to see the wave for what it is, on the way to the wave rally she tells David what she thinks the wave is and he thinks that she saying that it’s not good because she isn’t center of attention again, and that when the wave wasn’t there she was a smart student and now everyone is equal, and that Laurie should get a new boyfriend that is as smart as her!! After that Laurie went to the publications room to sit there because she didn’t want to go to the rally, while she was there some other kids who didn’t want to go to the wave. While they were there they decided to meet at Laurie’s house that Saturday to write an article that exposes the wave for what it is. That same night Laurie was to upset to talk to anyone but her dad came in and asked about the boy who got beaten up, and said that the boy was Jewish, Laurie said it was nothing like that.

Before David broke up with Laurie Ben Ross was walking down the hall, and Robert Billings  stopped him and said i want to be your body-guard, Ben said why would I need a body-guard?? Robert said you’re our leader and we don’t want you to get hurt. Ben said yes and he was shocked because he didn’t think they would take the wave that serious.

I think these chapters were pretty intense because so much happened in such a short time. I think if I were Laurie I would have told my parents that the wave was getting out of hand and we need to stop it, but I like how she took the next step by writing an article about what the wave is and how it’s affecting her school. I also think that the boy who gotten beat up didn’t want to join the wave because he was Jewish and thought the wave was like joining the Nazis, the reason I think he thinks its like the Nazis is because they force people to join and if they don’t they get harassed until they do join. I predict Laurie’s article will open eyes and David will apologize and ask if she could forgive him. I also predict that Ben will get fired for starting this and his wife will leave him. I think Robert will become friends with Laurie and David when the wave blows over.
I think the characters changed a lot in these chapters like Laurie used to like the wave but now she doesn’t want to be apart of it, and David  is obsessed with it and broke up Laurie, Amy doesn’t really hang out with Laurie any more. Ben is getting in trouble for this by the principle. Robert is a totally a different person he is well dressed now and has friends, and is letting the wave go to his head.

Five steps I think Laurie has to go through to stop the wave
Step 1: She’ll have to realize and accept what the wave really is.
Step 2: Tell her parents about her thoughts on the wave.
Step 3: Find others who  think the wave is bad to help her stop the wave.
Step 4: Write the article about what the wave is doing and what it really is.
Step 5: Give the paper to the principle.