These chapters were way more interesting than the first ones because this is when the experiment starts. In chapter the beginning of chapter five  Ben goes to class and everything is normal but he wants to try his game/experiment with his students. Ben walked to the front of the class and wrote STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE on the chalk board. His students asked whats that supposed to say but Ben wouldn’t say until they were seated at their desks. The first step in his experiment was to explain what he wrote on the chalk board. Step 2 was discipline begins with posture. Ben called Amy to the front and told her to  put her hands flat across her back and force her spine straight. Ben said that is the way to sit in your class from now on.  Step 3 was getting into your desks with the proper posture without their being pushing or shoving , Ben said the quicker and more controlled you are the faster you will get to your seats. They practiced that for twenty minutes. Then they made a line out in the hallway, and they were in order the person who had to go the farthest had to go in the front. Ben timed them and their time was 16 seconds. The next day they learned mottos and came up with a symbol, member ship cards, and a hand shake.
Laurie’s boyfriend David was on the foot ball team and his team hasn’t won a game, so David decides the team should try to do a similar thing to the wave.  The team agreed that they should try to act more like a team and not 26 one man teams wearing their school football uniform.
I was surprised when Robert was sitting with David and his crew, because I thought that Robert wouldn’t fit in and wouldn’t want to do the wave activity but I think he likes being told what to do, because everyone is doing it so he does it so that he fits in and feels apart of something. It also surprised me when Laurie went against it even though she was arguing with her mom saying that Ben wasn’t manipulating her class. If I was Laurie or someone in Ben’s class I wouldn’t have let him control me like that because I’d rather be independent instead of a person who lets people control their lives, and if I was Laurie I would have listened to mother and wouldn’t go along with it.
I predict Laurie will go against the wave and, her and David will break up because she doesn’t want nothing to do with the wave. I also predict that Davids football team will win a game thanks to the new thing they are doing. I also predict that Ben’s wife will get mad because Ben is ignoring her, If I was his wife I would get mad to because he’s caught up in the wave  stuff and ignoring me when i ask him to do something. I hope in the next chapters Laurie doesn’t participate in the wave and tries to stop it.