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Rebecca Rutland, at the age of 41 from Thunder Bay, Ont was on a vacation in Playa del Carmen with her fiance Richard Coleman, age 51. After some drinks they stopped at a restaurant on the way back to the resort, when a guy tried to pick up Rebbecca and Richard stepped in and got into a argument. Four cops were walking by when they intervened. Richard and Rebbecca were taken to jail because they thought Richard was a drug dealer. they threw Richard to the ground and hand cuffed him. They also arrested Rebbeca.
when they got to the jail they were separated. Richard says he was placed in a cell with others and it reeked of urine. Rebbeca says she was taken to a room where they preformed a frontal body search,touching her breasts and undoing her jeans. She says that the officer made her kneel and forced her to have sex with him.
She says she didn’t put up much resistance because she feared for her life. In her own words she tells why she didn’t fight back. “I did try sort of push him away but I had four officers standing there in Kevlar with machine-guns and my feeling was if I tried to resist it was going to make things a whole lot worse for me,” says Rebbeca. “And I just wanted to get out as intact as possible, which is not really all that intact actually.”
she says that they beat her and also bit her in several places. she says she saw a night supervisor and thought that he was going to stop what was happening.
When Richard found what was happening her tried to comet suicide hoping the indecent would distract the officers so Rebbeca wouldn’t get hurt anymore.
But eventually they got let out and they went to the judicial police who investigate local police in Mexico and also the Canadian consular agency in Playa del Carmen.
I think this is very important because a vacation is supposed to be relaxing and fun but i don’t think that was relaxing or fun. Also I think you should be careful when you are out of your country because stuff like that can happen and they will happen if you don’t take precautions.


Hans getting whipped?

In the book thief there are lots of different kinds of conflict involving the main character Leisel, but this conflict involves her foster-father Hans.

Hans and Leisel are watching the Jews stumble by. When Hans decides to give an old man who was Jewish a piece of bread but he wasn’t supposed to do that. The soldier whips the old man and then he whips Hans. Everyone calls Hans a Jew lover and knocks down his cart full of paint. Hans says What have i done because he is hiding a Jew so people will probably be suspicious.

When Hans gave the bread to The Jew and got wiped that was an external conflict, because it would be considered man vs. society because everybody is mean to Jews and he is supposed to be too but he is nice to them.

When Hans says what have I done, that is internal conflict because he is upset with him self for being nice to that person and he is mad because he is hiding a Jew named Max in his basement so now people are going to be suspicious and will probably look in his house for a Jew.

There are consequences from this conflict. Max is leaving before someone search’s Hans house and finds Max because if they find Max everybody in that house would be in trouble. Every conflict has a consequence.

I think that is an important conflict because it changed everything. I think conflicts change everything from what it is supposed to be.

There has been lots of rain in Australia causing floods on the east and west side of Australia. People were asked to leave there homes and go to safety. Most people did go to safety but some refused. A women with her son were swept away, her other son was saved be a trucker. There has been massive damage and it is the biggest in recent history. Lots of people are effected by this flood. I think this a very tragic story because lots of people have lost there homes or have a lot of damage on there home.

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The Plan To Lower Population

I was watching a T.V. show called The Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura , the episode I watched was about how the family that almost runs the world is planning to lower the population by 90 percent, so they are pretty much going to pick 7 million people to live and the rest to die. If it does happen then it will be a Holocaust all over again except worse. At first they wanted to lower the population by a little, but now it is by a whole bunch.

I think that If the people stand up then it won’t happen. The women on the show said They are scared that the people will use their voice because that is the only way we can stop this from happening. I think they can’t just do that it isn’t right no one should be able to do that. The women that was talking now lives in the hills somewhere because she is scared they will kill her because  of the information she has.

If an average person didn’t have anything to be paranoid of well they do now.

On December.15 2010 a boat carrying up to 100 Iranian, Iraqi and Kurdish asylum seekers crashed on sharp cliffs by Christmas Island in Australia. At least 30 people died. Dozens of locals witnessed the shipwreck and tried to help the drowning men, women ,and children as they struggled against the big waves.
I  think it was good that there was people there to help because if there wasn’t then more people could have died. I wonder how they didn’t see the rocks because you would think the would have tried to avoid the rocks in stead of going towards them.
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