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What I Did In Science

This week in science class we were learning about the ecosystem. So we went for a walk to see what was an ecosystem. We took pictures, and when we got back to class we had to make a list about what we saw. We had to put them in groups of abiotic and biotic. In the Ecosystem there needs to be abiotic and biotic objects like a rock and a tree. While we were on our walk we saw a little plant growing on the side of the road, and that showed an ecological succession because it is a predictable change because we now its going to grow bigger. We saw a lot of rocks, and they had micro-organism’s because they have germs all over them some harmful, and some that are not harmful.We saw biospheres because a biosphere isΒ  living beings living together in their environment. We saw plants, and they play a big part in photosynthesis because they are a part of the process that converts carbon dioxide in to organic compounds especially sugars,using the energy from the sunlight. We saw animals and flies which can be a scavenger because scavengers play an important role in the ecosystem by giving to the decomposers of dead animal remains.Β  Decomposers complete this process, by eating or taking in the remains left by scavengers.We saw animals and that reminded me of bioaccumulation because when an animal eats another animal and the animal it ate was contaminated then that animal is contaminated then its babies will be contaminated. πŸ™‚Β  πŸ˜€


What would you rather be??

My question for you is what would you rather be a person with the ability to go invisible and live to be 200 years old and look like your 20 or would you rather be a person who has the ability to have money come out of your nose when you want it (there is no boogers) and live forever? My answer is I would choose the first one how about you? leave a comment with your answer. and why would you choose what you chose? πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

My Project

Hi, I am writing about my project. We had to read a story about what the web is for first we had to highlight stuff that was important to us then we came up with a whole bunch of words as a class then picked 4 words that were something that we use the web for. My words were global,network,connecting, and music.

Music- I chose music because I like to go on youtube and listen to and watch music videos.I also love Music I like to listen to it. I also like to watch other people sing on youtube there is a lot of videos to watch.I like to download on limewire .

Global- I chose global because you could go on msn or facebook and talk to people from other countries or you could call your family on sykpe and talk them when there on the other side of the world. The web is all over the world its in in every content but i don’t think its in Antarctic because no one lives there for a long time maybe like a couple months but that’s it.

Connecting-I choose Connecting because I go on facebook and lot of people go on facebook to talk together with other people. We can talk to lost of people and we can connect with family and you could do a lot on the web.

Network- I chose network because the web is like a big network. We use the web for a lot of stuff and people don’t really notice the web is a network because you could be talking to one person and have another person talking to in the same chat room its really cool if you think about it.

You could do a lot with the web you can play video games,talk to others,do homework,there is to many things to name so I’m not going to try. on my project there is a globe and there is pin stuck in them and the string is wrapped around the pins to show a network and connecting then it goes to a satellite and back down to earth to an apple laptop that is in side the globe with a person (polly pocket) and then there is musical notes to repersent music and that is my project. πŸ˜€