Hey, this is Heaven from JHK school in Snow Lake. I’m in Mr.Fishers grade 7/8  class. I’m new to the blogging stuff .welcome back  to school .what have you been doing in school so far?? In my class we started a mind map thing and is about math mine was really colourful and creative but some of my classmates were very creative and better than mine. We also did social studies and we already had a test about social studies we had to named the provinces and capital cites in Canada.

 How was your summer i had a good summer i went to Winnipeg for two weeks to visit my friend that moved there the week after school ended. I love horses so I went horse back riding a lot with my friends it was a lot of fun. In snow lake there is one person who owns horses she is a cop in snow lake she has three horses i rode them with her son and her sons friend it was a lot of fun.  I moved to Snow Lake about a year ago but I used to caome here alot to visit family . I got to go so bye bye